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Healthy Eating

To show the benefits of eating vegan, scientists gave twins different diets

Vegan twin study

Healthy Eating

Is chocolate good for your heart? It depends, the FDA says

Chocolate Health Benefits

Health News

Most Bucks, Montco residents involved in CDC study have moderate to high levels of 'forever chemicals'

pftas drinking water


New guidelines for diabetes care call for updated approach to weight loss, cholesterol and blood pressure

Diabetes Care Guidelines

Adult Health

Elevated levels of 'good' cholesterol may not protect heart health, study finds

Risk factors for heart disease

Adult Health

'Heart healthy' dietary supplements won't help lower cholesterol, more research shows

Dietary supplements heart health


Childhood health can predict risk of heart attack, stroke later in life

Making healthy lifestyle changes

Healthy Eating

The Nordic diet provides health benefits even when people don't lose weight

Nordic diet


Here’s what everyone should know about high cholesterol

Purchased - Cholesterol meter


Controlling cholesterol may be key to treating a common kidney cancer

Kidney Cancer Cholesterol


Managing kids' cholesterol and blood pressure protects future brain health, new research shows

Children Brain Health

Adult Health

Well City Challenge seeks innovative ideas to improve millennial health

Well City Challenge


Workplace wellness programs have little impact on overall staff health, study finds

Workplace wellness programs

Healthy Eating

Debunking common diet myths: Going gluten-free often isn't a healthy choice

Diet Myths: Gluten-free

Men's Health

For advanced prostate cancer patients, statins offer hope of a longer life

Statins reduce mortality in prostate cancer patients

Adult Health

Cholesterol levels among U.S. adults are improving, but greater strides are needed

Cholesterol levels falling among U.S. adults


Eating one avocado per day can reduce bad cholesterol, study says

Avocado on cutting board

Senior Health

New pill could treat both blood pressure, cholesterol issues

blood pressure cholesterol pill

Healthy Eating

Surprising study finds red and white meat to be equally bad for cholesterol

meat cholesterol health

Healthy Eating

New cholesterol study may lead you to ask: Pass the eggs, or pass on the eggs?

Fried Eggs Skillet 04172019


Six tips for lowering your cholesterol

Healthy lifestyle concept with diet fitness and medicine

Healthy Eating

Are eggs healthy? New study warns against eating too many

Eggs Heart Disease Cholesterol

Healthy Eating

Here’s what you need to know about eating eggs — especially if you think they have ‘too much cholesterol’

eggs pexels

Healthy Eating

FDA approves cardiovascular health claim for certain cooking oils



Five fatty foods that are actually good for you

Avocado on cutting board


Here's what happens when you cut out added sugar

Sugar and Strawberry


What's the verdict on eggs and cholesterol?



Here’s why you should get a cholesterol screening ASAP

Limited - Healthy Heart for IBX Custom Publishing

Heart Health

Penn State researchers find handful of almonds a day could boost 'good cholesterol'


Study: Strokes declining in men, but not in women


Four reasons why you should be eating more dark chocolate

Health News

Nearly half of Hispanics with high cholesterol don’t realize it

Health News

Start worrying about cholesterol in your 30s, study suggests

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