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Healthy Eating

To show the benefits of eating vegan, scientists gave twins different diets

Vegan twin study


Insulin injections could one day be replaced as a diabetes treatment with rock music, study suggests

Diabetes Rock Music 2

Health News

Dahlia flower holds powerful extract that helps treat and prevent diabetes

Dahlia Diabetes Treatment


Insulin prices to drop later this year as Novo Nordisk follows Eli Lilly's reduction

Novolog Insulin Price


Eli Lilly slashed insulin prices, starting a race to the bottom

Insulin Prices Eli Lilly

Health News

Exposure to moderate light during sleep can impact your health, study finds

Sleep Light Exposure


A $35 insulin cap is welcome, popular and bipartisan, but Congress may not pass it anyway

Insulin Cap


Not pandemic-proof: Insulin copay caps fall short, fueling underground exchanges

Insulin Underground Exchanges


Penn researchers advance potential cure for type 1 diabetes

Penn Diabetes Islet

Health Insurance

Insulin is just one factor driving up health care costs for diabetics

Cost of diabetes-related supplies

Health News

Insulin costs far less on Craigslist – but it's a risky purchase for diabetics, health experts say

Health News

Medtronic recalling 322,000 defective insulin pumps

Medtronic Insulin Pump recall diabetes

Health Insurance

Type 1 diabetics decry rising costs of life-saving insulin

Diabetes Forum Insulin Costs


Is insulin’s high cost keeping diabetes patients from taking their medicine?

Insulin Injection Diabetes 04292019

Health Insurance

Cigna and Express Scripts to cap out-of-pocket insulin costs

insulin price cap


Eli Lilly’s half-price insulin: How much difference will it make?

Humalog insulin pen Eli Lilly 03152019

Mental Health

Diabulimia is a serious eating disorder that most people have never heard of

diabulimia eating disorder unsplash

Adult Health

Turns out, you can't actually catch up on sleep, according to this study

weekend sleep unsplash


Snail venom boasts potentially blood-sugar balancing qualities to treat Type 1 diabetes, study suggests

snail unsplash

Alternative Medicine

Major breakthrough in search for cure of Type 1 diabetes, researchers say

Doctor takes a patient's blood pressure

Health News

A new study predicts global insulin shortage by 2030, leaving 40 million diabetics without


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