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Belvita recalls breakfast products due to possible peanut allergens

belVita recalls

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Tastykake recalls chocolate Kandy Kakes due to possible peanut allergens

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New 'peanut patch' could help toddlers with allergies build tolerance

peanut allergy.jpg

Children's Health

Treating peanut allergies early could make kids less sensitive, study finds

Peanut Allergy Study


How to watch 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' on PBS and Apple TV+

A Charlie Brown Christmas PBS Apple TV+

Adult Health

More Americans adults are developing peanut allergies than previously believed

Adult-onset peanut allergy

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Palforzia, the first peanut allergy drug, to hit market later this year

Palforzia Peanut Allergy Drug

Children's Health

Why kids with eczema are more likely to develop a food allergy

childhood eczema food allergy


That super-promising peanut allergy treatment has flaws, further research finds


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Will I always face the threat of a peanut-laden kiss of death?


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A very effective peanut allergy treatment is slated to hit the market in 2019



American Airlines to allow passengers with nut allergies to board early


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