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In a city that loves hoagies, how worried should Philadelphians be about the listeria outbreak tied to deli meats?

listeria deli meat cheese

Children's Health

Bacteria in dental waterlines is causing infections in children, the CDC warns

bacteria outbreak in dental office


Flu season is off to an early start in Philly, but it's hard to predict how it will shape out, officials say

Flu season Philly

Health News

Listeria outbreak linked to Old Europe brie and camembert cheese

Listeria cheese recall

Adult Health

An overlooked STD could become the next superbug, scientists warn

STDs M. gen.


Polio outbreak in New York a warning sign for Philly, health experts say

Polio Philly

Children's Health

More kids are falling sick with a virus that can cause rare, polio-like syndrome, CDC warns

Enterovirus AFM


Only 1 in 4 people get enough exercise; here's how to squeeze more physical activity into the day

Federal fitness guidelines


Monkeypox vaccines are being rationed to combat the outbreak, but can the strategy work?

monkeypox vaccine rationing

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U.S. declares public health emergency over monkeypox as virus spreads

Monkeypox National Emergency


Philly is now updating its monkeypox cases, vaccine availability online

Monkeypox Tracker Philadelphia


U.S. records first polio case in nearly a decade; here's an explainer on a virus that once caused widespread panic

Polio vaccines

Women's Health

After years of slight declines, C-sections are increasing again – and the CDC expects the trend to continue

C-section birth rates


As overdose deaths surged early in the COVID-19 pandemic, racial disparities also grew

Overdose Racial Disparities


The COVID-19 pandemic reversed progress in combating superbugs

COVID-19 Superbugs MRSA

Children's Health

Spraygrounds can harbor germs, but precautions can help prevent infections, CDC says

Spread of illness at spraygrounds

Health News

Multi-state listeria outbreak includes cases in Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Listeria outbreak


Is the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine better for young children? It's hard to say

COVID-19 vaccines young children


Monkeypox does not spread through airborne particles, CDC says

Monkeypox airborne transmission

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Reports of melatonin ingestion in children have risen significantly in recent years

Melatonin CDC Study


Monkeypox case found in Philadelphia, but officials say virus poses 'extremely low' risk

Monkeypox Philadelphia


Monkeypox 'very unlikely' to cause a COVID-like outbreak, scientists say



Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine produces strong immune response in young children, data shows

052322 Pfizer Young Children

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Jif peanut butter products recalled due to potential salmonella contamination

Jif Recall


SEPTA passengers no longer required to wear masks

SEPTA COVID-19 mask mandate


Philly's COVID-19 indoor mask requirement returns as lawsuit aims to stop mandate

Philly COVID-19 mask mandate lawsuit


Heart complications more likely after COVID-19 infection than vaccination, CDC says

Cardiac complications COVID-19


Returning to pre-pandemic life comes at a cost. Public officials must determine whether to pay it

Lifting COVID-19 restrictions


Scientists expect COVID-19 to become endemic, but a new report stresses the U.S. is far from the 'next normal'

COVID-19 endemic future


COVID-19 appears destined to become endemic, but that won't make it harmless

COVID Endemic

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U.S. births continued downward trend in first half of 2021, CDC report shows

U.S. Birth Rate

Health News

New CDC guidelines ease masking recommendations for many healthy Americans

CDC COVID-19 Guidelines


Some people should wait 8 weeks between COVID-19 shots, CDC says

CDC Vaccine Guidance


Flu season has been mild, yet again, but a surge could still happen

Flu Season COVID-19

Mental Health

An influx of adolescent girls have sought emergency treatment for mental health conditions during COVID, CDC finds

Emergency Department

Adult Health

New Jersey among states with highest life expectancies, CDC report finds

Life expectancy New Jersey Pennsylvania


People can pick up free N95 masks at pharmacies; here's how to get one

Free N95 Masks


Woman falls ill after exposure to monkeys at Pennsylvania crash site

Monkeys Pennsylvania Woman Sick

Health News

COVID-19 may raise the risk of diabetes in adolescents, CDC study says

COVID Diabetes

Health News

CDC clarifies new COVID-19 isolation guidelines, but does not add testing requirement


FDA authorizes Pfizer's COVID-19 booster shots for children ages 12-15

COVID-19 booster eligibility Pfizer


Nearly one million overdose deaths have been reported since the beginning of the opioid crisis, research finds

Opioid overdose Narcan

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