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People with inflammatory bowel disease are at higher risk of depression – and so are their siblings

IBD Depression Siblings

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Gut bacteria may explain why hypertension drugs don't work for everyone with high blood pressure

Blood pressure gut bacteria

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The biggest health trends of 2022, from gut health to sound healing

2022 health trends

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Post-meal stomach pain may be more than a simple case of overeating

Stomach pain after eating

Healthy Eating

Baltimore's Wild Kombucha is coming to Philly Whole Foods

wild kombucha philly

Adult Health

Ulcers: What causes them (and how to prevent them)

Stomach pain 08062019

Healthy Eating

A single apple has a whopping 100 million bacteria

Apple Fruit 07242019


New study identifies gut-brain connection in development of Parkinson's



Study: 'Bacteriotherapy' uses gut bacteria to prevent, reverse food allergies

gut bacteria food allergies

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What’s the best type of milk for gut health?

Milk Beans 06032019

Alternative Medicine

Breast milk ingredient might just be the next big thing in adult supplements


Healthy Eating

Can changing the microbiome reverse lactose intolerance?

Chocolate Milkshake 04122019


Strong link emerges between gut bacteria and this chronic disease

gut bacteria lupus unsplash

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Are these popular diets (keto, paleo, etc.) keeping your gut healthy?



This cold-fighting food has nothing to do with vitamin C


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When should you eat the salad course for optimal digestion?

salad unsplash

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Immigrants face another battle upon arrival in U.S. — with their gut health


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A healthy gut may help prevent Parkinson's and ALS

Health News

A healthy gut could help combat mental illness

Healthy Gut

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