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Philadelphia City Commissioners


Mail-in ballots could be opened a week prior to Election Day in Pennsylvania under proposed law

Mail Ballot Bill


Polling place workers are needed for November election and Philly is going to pay more in an attempt to get them

Poll Workers


City Commissioner Al Schmidt not planning to seek fourth term in 2023

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Election turnout in Philly, Pennsylvania reach record-highs as officials finish tallying ballots

philadelphia pennsylvania 2020 election


John Oliver explains dangers of Trump's voter fraud lies; has fun with origins of Forty Fort's name

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2020 Election

Trump aims Twitter ire at Commissioner Al Schmidt with claim he ignored voter fraud in Philly


Philly election officials received death threats over ballot counting, city commissioner says

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2020 Election

Pennsylvania vote count marches forward methodically in crucial Trump-Biden battleground

Pennsylvania Drop Box


Another early voting location opens at South Philly school

South Philly Early Voting


Philly DA Krasner launches Election Day task force to prevent voter suppression, protect polling places

philadelphia election day taskforce

2020 Election

Trump campaign threatens to sue Philly over satellite election offices

trump campagin lawsuit philly election offices


Here are the locations of Philly's satellite election offices and secure ballot drop boxes

Philly early voting locations


Philly region's mail-in voting takes center stage in latest episode of 'The Circus'

the circus showtime philly

2020 Election

You can now pick the design for Philly's Election Day ‘I Voted’ stickers


Philly City Commissioners make contentious choice for new voting machines

Carroll - PA Primary Voting Day