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Screen Time

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Excessive screen time linked to developmental delays in babies and toddlers, study finds

Baby Screen Time

Children's Health

Watching too much TV as a child boosts risk of high blood pressure, obesity and other health conditions, study finds

Screen Time Health Risks

Mental Health

Smartphone use actually increases when people visit city parks, study finds

Smartphone Use Parks


Soothing a screaming child with a smartphone seems like an easy fix, but there are long-term consequences

Toddler Meltdown Smartphone

Adult Health

People who are glued to their screens may have an increased risk of stroke, study finds

Stroke risk screentime

Children's Health

Could the pandemic be to blame for increased nearsightedness in kids?

Children's screen time during pandemic

Children's Health

Penn State researchers identifying children most prone to screen overuse

Screen time for kids


Too much screen time, cyberbullying among parents' top pandemic concerns

Pandemic screen time kids

Children's Health

Children who use screens before bedtime may have trouble sleeping

Screen time for kids


Increasing screen time during COVID-19 crisis could harm kids' eyesight

Screen Time COVID-19

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Shows and apps to enhance kids' language skills during the quarantine

Children language skills screen time


Most young kids – including infants – are getting way too much screen time

Screen Time Babies


Three reasons you should limit your screen time

Teenage Girl reading Text Message stock photo

Children's Health

Keeping kids healthy and sane in a digital world

Teen Cellphone 06062019


Blue light-blocking glasses may help tech-obsessed teens sleep better, study finds

blue light glasses improved sleep

Children's Health

WHO sets new guidelines for physical activity, screen time for young kids

children activity guidelines who


Further research suggests screen time affects children's brain development

kids unsplash

Children's Health

Worry over kids' excessive smartphone use is more justified than ever before


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