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Pandemic-fueled alcohol abuse creates wave of hospitalizations for liver disease

Liver Disease Alcoholism


Comedian John Mulaney checks into Pennsylvania rehab for alcohol, cocaine addiction

John Mulaney Rehab


America is drinking its way through the coronavirus crisis – and that's no party

Coronavirus Alcohol Sales

Mental Health

Mental health and addiction services remain open in Philadelphia amid coronavirus restrictions

Mental health resources Philadelphia coronavirus


Eagles fan who punched police horse gets prison time for drunkenly assaulting Bethlehem stranger

Hendricks Eagles Mug

Adult Health

Study puts Pennsylvania among nation’s heaviest drinking states

Pennsylvania drinking

Health News

Alcohol blamed for deaths of an increasing number of Americans

alcohol death health


Ketamine and behavioral therapy may help alcoholics regain sobriety

Ketamine treatment alcohol abuse

Adult Health

Trend continues of Americans dying younger, study shows

Life expectancy decrease midlife

Adult Health

How much is too much when it comes to drinking alcohol?

alcohol unsplash

Adult Health

Millennials more likely to struggle to meet people than older generations, study finds

Millennials Loneliness Social Isolation


Do genetics make some people more prone to drunken blackouts?

Genetics of binge drinking and blacking out


'Banana bag' administered to sober up patients at hospitals

wendy williams banana bag


Bam Margera's family has 'Jackass' star committed to behavioral health facility

Social Media

Bam Margera trashes wife, manager in latest rants documented on Instagram

Children's Health

Teen vaping surged within the last year, survey says

Health News

New guidelines recommend all adults be screened by a physician for unhealthy alcohol use


Children's Health

Do boozy Instagram posts prompt teens to drink? Penn research shows connection


Alcohol consumption is rising among all Americans, but most staggering for seniors


Study: Americans, especially women and seniors, are drinking more


Radnor specialist helps people wage addiction battle she knows too well



Recovering addicts using CrossFit to exercise their demons


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