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Immune System

Senior Health

Stress can affect biological aging – but there are ways to help slow it down

Stress and immune system

Children's Health

Super antibodies from pregnant women may help scientists develop new therapies for deadly infections

Pregnant Women Antibodies

Health News

COVID's 'silver lining': Research breakthroughs for chronic disease, cancer and the flu

Men's Health

A healthy lifestyle provides many benefits – like a boosted immune system

Healthy Lifestyles Immune System


The common cold may help scientists develop better COVID-19 vaccines

Common cold symptoms

Health News

COVID-19 booster shots offered to immunocompromised patients by pharmacies, Black Doctors Consortium

COVID-19 Booster Shots for Immunocompromised People


COVID booster shots might not be needed for Pfizer, Moderna vaccine recipients, new research shows

Immunity COVID-19


One vaccine dose may be enough for people who had COVID-19, Penn scientists say

Children's Health

The immune response to MIS-C may hold clues to improving COVID-19 treatments, Philly researchers say

MIS-C immune system

Children's Health

Antibodies from childhood colds don't offer protection against COVID-19, Penn study finds

Common Cold COVID-19

Healthy Eating

Drinking lemon water is trendy, but is it as healthy as advocates tout?

Health Benefits Lemon Water


AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine develops strong immune response among older adults


COVID-19 immunity may persist for years, new research suggests

COVID-19 immunity

Men's Health

Why males may have a worse response to COVID-19

Men COVID-19 response

Children's Health

Teenagers at higher risk for COVID-19 than young children, CDC finds

Children COVID-19 risk


COVID-19 antibodies last longer than previous research showed

COVID-19 antibodies


Herd immunity won’t solve our COVID-19 problem

Herd Immunity COVID-19


Five foods that can boost your immune system

Shellfish and other healthy foods that boost immune system


Most people who recover from COVID-19 develop antibodies, study says


Quest Diagnostics offers COVID-19 antibody test for purchase online

Adult Health

Infants may hold the key to improving hepatitis C treatment

hepatitis C in infants

Health News

Are COVID-19 antibody tests accurate? Questions abound as scores hit market


Chester County begins COVID-19 antibody testing – the first in Pennsylvania to do so


Senior Health

Immune system's natural aging process explains why COVID-19 is more dangerous for seniors

The natural aging process of our immune system sheds light on why COVID-19 is more dangerous for seniors


Coronavirus immunity tests could allow survivors to begin reopening society


Happiness is the X-factor in your health

happy healthy live longer

Health News

Circadian rhythms regulate how well the immune system responds, study finds

Clock immune

Health News

Study shows potential for reversing the body's 'biological age'

Reverse aging biological clock


Caregiving doesn't have as many health implications as once thought, study finds

caregiving health impacts

Alternative Medicine

Experts think we should drop the 'antibacterial' outlook on life

antibacterial hand washing pexels

Women's Health

Who’s stronger? An immunological battle of the sexes



This cold-fighting food has nothing to do with vitamin C



The most contagious common illnesses

Tissues and Tea Photo

Health News

Getting tattooed with a weak immune system could pose long-term health risks

Carroll - Wildwood Tattoo Convention


Here’s what happens to your body when you meditate


The science of everything: Allergies

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