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Endometriosis afflicts millions of women, but few people feel comfortable talking about it

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Brain scans pinpoint unique responses to chronic pain, paving way for better treatments

Chronic Pain Brain Scans 2

Women's Health

Worsening jaw pain could be another side effect of menopause

Jaw pain menopause

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Risk of rotator cuff injuries increases among people with sex-hormone deficiencies

Shoulder pain

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Heel pain can be caused by a range of issues; diagnosing it is critical for treatment

Heel pain causes

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Post-meal stomach pain may be more than a simple case of overeating

Stomach pain after eating

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Suffering from neck or back pain? Avoid these mistakes when self-diagnosing your symptoms

neck back pain

Alternative Medicine

A new form of CBD may offer more potent pain relief and ease opioid cravings

Temple CBD Analog

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Chronic pain affects one-fifth of American adults — and it's hampering productivity

Chronic pain treatment

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Pennsylvania medical marijuana sales top $500 million in first two years

Medical PA


Can changes in the weather cause headaches and pain?

Migraine Headache 08202019


Brain protein could be key to disrupting chronic pain symptoms

Chronic pain

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Scientists discover new organ that senses sharpness and pressure

Scientists discover organ that senses mechanical pain


This 'invisible illness' doesn't have a known cause or effective treatment

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome


Penn Medicine just opened an entire center dedicated to spinal care and back pain

penn medicine spine center


Pets hurt too: Signs your furry friend may be in pain

Winter Pets

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Dying while black: Perpetual gaps exist in health care for African-Americans



Experiencing regular pain? Improving sleep quality could provide relief, study suggests

Woman sleeping in bed

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Researchers looking for a better way to measure pain

pain pexels


Three ways your cell phone can negatively impact your health

Person on a cell phone

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Does pain expected equal pain felt? Ask a kid



Report: The effects of medical marijuana to treat pain, PTSD are under researched

Mindful Mondays

Say bye to 'tech neck': Simple stretches to avoid neck and shoulder pain



Call the doctor if you're experiencing these pains

Man feeling backache after sleeping in bed

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First infant MRI study finds babies feel pain 'like adults'

CIO Sad Baby

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Study finds marathon runners forget race pain


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Spider venom seen as potential non-addictive painkiller


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Wasabi could help lead the way to new pain medications


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Pain causes sleep issues for more than half of all Americans


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Study: Dying in America getting more painful

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