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New Jersey doctor, the self-declared 'El Chapo of Opioids,' admits to writing illegal narcotics prescriptions

Pill Mill Doctor Delagente

Adult Health

Minority patients benefit from having minority doctors, but that's a hard match to make

Minority doctor-patient relationship


What to look for when choosing a doctor

Woman speaking with her doctor


To combat opioid crisis, Gov. Wolf expands college debt repayment program for addiction specialists

Addiction Specialist Pennsylvania College Loan Repayment program

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Two apples a day may keep the heart doctor away

Apples Bad Cholesterol Heart Health

Men's Health

Men, give yourself the gift of health this holiday season


Nike designs Air Zoom Pulse sneaker to better support doctors and nurses

Nike Air Zoom Pulse

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Googling health symptoms is problematic, but many Americans still do it

Googling health symptoms online

Mental Health

Doctors, nurses are burned out on the job, does that put patients' health at risk?

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Patients who use online portals to access health records more likely to get flu shots, Penn study finds


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Doctors can change opioid prescribing habits, but progress comes in small doses


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Primary care doctor shortage poses health care challenges

Primary Care Doctor Shortage

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Drexel University president says 40% of clinical staff will lose jobs due to Hahnemann Hospital closure

Hahnemann Drexel


How to interact with medical professionals

patient speaking with a friendly doctor

Mental Health

Physician burnout: Why legal and regulatory systems may need to step in

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American medical students less likely to choose to become primary care doctors

Adult Health

Why you should take a peek at your doctor’s notes on your health

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Never say ‘die’: Why so many doctors won’t break bad news

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Robotic health care is coming to a hospital near you

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery 05092019


At Venezuela-Colombia border, Temple doctor cares for 'incredibly sick'

Colombia Venezuela Humanitarian Crisis Temple Tim Bryan 1


The Philadelphia soda tax, while regressive, saves lives of those most at risk

Carroll - Soda and sugary drinks

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For Philly-area neurosurgeon, spring brings a hive of activity

Carroll - The Doctor is Out Beekeeper


Did your doctor ‘ghost’ you? An employment contract may be to blame

doctor ghost image 03192019


Montgomery County doctor pleads guilty to illegally distributing oxycodone

Ogontz Medical Practice

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I’m a journalist. Apparently, I’m also one of America’s 'Top Doctors'



Former Rutgers doctor allegedly spied on women in office bathroom

Rutgers Cancer Institute

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For Lourdes oncologist, magic is great medicine

Carroll - TDIO Dr. Saul

Children's Health

Study: Many teens lack privacy to confide in doctors during checkups

patient and doc

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Only when he, too, was diagnosed did Philly oncogeneralist learn about the other side of fighting cancer


Mental Health

Burned-out, depressed doctors are thinking about suicide



How the medical profession can help heal divisions as well as diseases


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The ties that bind: Drexel doctor's huge collection spreads joy

Carroll - The Doc is Out Daniel Schidlow


Check your medical records for dangerous errors

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Millennials' health suffers from all that technology at their fingertips


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Philly dermatologist wants to get under your skin – one word at a time

Carroll - Dr. Jules Lipoff

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Telemedicine offers new health care possibilities – but payment challenges abound

Carroll - Telemedicine in schools

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Jefferson collaboration creates first international medical degree


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Einstein breast surgeon always has her head in the game

Carroll - The Doctor is Out Jennifer Simmons


Real-life Philadelphia detective star of new serial killer film 'Gosnell'

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Delco stroke patients no longer will be sent to Philly for acute treatment


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When Jeff doctor shreds the drums, you'll feel anything but numb


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Virtua doctor always on the hunt for the perfect shot


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