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Men's Health

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is good for your eyes and teeth, too

Exercise Benefits Vision Teeth

Senior Health

Cataracts among several eye conditions linked to increased dementia risk

Dementia Eye Conditions

Adult Health

Your eyes may be a window to your Alzheimer's risk

Alzheimer's eye scan

Adult Health

Contact lenses may one day treat diseases, detect cancer

Contact lenses of the future


Increasing screen time during COVID-19 crisis could harm kids' eyesight

Screen Time COVID-19

Adult Health

Penn researcher's breakthrough enables blind to 'see' letters, shapes

Blind Penn Vision

Adult Health

Air pollution increases the chance of going blind, study finds

High pollution levels in cities linked to rise in glaucoma


Many Americans don't realize they're going blind

eyeball pexels

Adult Health

Everything you need to know about Graves' eye disease

Graves' Eye Disease

Children's Health

Children continue to suffer more eye injuries from BB guns, pellet and paintball guns each year, study finds

eye injuries bb guns paintball pellet

Children's Health

A contact lens designed to slow nearsightedness in children is coming in March

Adult Health

Why you should take dry eye symptoms seriously

Dry Eye Syndrome Blindness

Adult Health

Former FDA adviser warns about dangers of LASIK surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery Dangers

Adult Health

Pennsylvania warns consumers about dangers of decorative contact lenses

Contacts Halloween


Eye surgeons prescribed more opioids as procedures became less invasive, study finds

Senior Health

Eye tracking tests could be a predictive tool for Alzheimer's disease



Hubble's $1 contact lenses result in consumer health complaints

Hubble Contacts 07232019


Why swimming in your contact lenses is a very, very bad idea

eye infection swimming contacts

Alternative Medicine

Jefferson and Wills Eye center to focus on connections between neuroscience, vision care

eyeball pexels


Your eye color might make you more susceptible to seasonal affective disorder

eyes pexels