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Extra virgin olive oil could help prevent dementia, Temple researchers find


Mental Health

Adjusting memory test may better detect Alzheimer's disease in women, study says

Alzheimer's disease memory test

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Chair yoga could improve quality of life for dementia patients

Chair yoga dementia patients

Senior Health

Penn receives $18M to study connections between Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and dementia

Penn research Alzheimers Parkinsons

Health News

Penn researcher behind Alzheimer's discoveries wins $3 million prize

Virginia M.Y. Lee

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Eye tracking tests could be a predictive tool for Alzheimer's disease


Women's Health

A high-fat diet during pregnancy may prevent Alzheimer's disease in children

high fat diet alzheimers

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'Striking' discovery gives hope for future drugs to prevent Alzheimer's

Plaques Microglia University California 08212019

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Blood tests for Alzheimer’s: Two experts on why new studies are encouraging

Tau Protein Brain 08092019

Mental Health

Scientists are closing in on a blood test screening for Alzheimer's disease

alzheimers blood test


Caregiver depression linked to more ER visits for patients with dementia

Caregiver Depression Seniors with Dementia

Senior Health

Antidepressants among common medications tied to increased dementia risk

Antidepressants among common drugs linked to dementia

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New research suggests promising Alzheimer's treatment in blood pressure medication

blood pressure drug alzheimers treatmetn

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WHO releases new guidelines for reducing dementia risk


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Newly-recognized brain disorder mimics Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's Disease LATE Dementia


No cure for Alzheimer's disease in my lifetime

Alzheimer's disease 04252019

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Brain stimulation may reverse seniors' memory loss, study finds

Memory Loss Older People Brain Stimulation

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Memory-boosting electrical jolts could one day help treat dementia, Alzheimer's

Brain Electrostimulation Boston University 04092019

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Alzheimer's disease risk linked to health of extended family members

alzheimer's disease risk distant family

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Study examining fitness tracker data links activity in older adults to lower dementia risk

fitness tracker unsplash


Five signs of early dementia

Elderly Mother with Son outside

Mental Health

New study suggests Alzheimer's disease develops differently in African-Americans



Two major things you can do to lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease


Senior Health

Penn Medicine doctor's 5K raises thousands each year to benefit Alzheimer's research


Adult Health

Excessive sleepiness during the day could be a warning sign of Alzheimer's

Sleep Stock Photo


Genetic testing: Should I get tested for Alzheimer's risk?


Health News

How soon is soon enough to learn you have Alzheimer’s?


Senior Health

Risk of developing Alzheimer's disease tied to liver, study finds


Adult Health

Hormones may increase women's risk of Alzheimer's disease


Medical Schools

Temple medical school announces creation of new Alzheimer's Center

Stock_Carroll - Temple University Campus, Liacouras Walk


Canola oil may worsen Alzheimer's disease, Temple researchers say


Can memory loss be cured? Penn researchers' brain map has some answers


Rutgers study suggests health benefits of dreaming in your sleep

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