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Chronic Pain

Mental Health

Rapper Ren draws fans with lyrics about mental and physical health struggles

Ren Mental Health

Adult Health

The physical therapist shortage hurts underserved communities and may worsen the addiction crisis

Physical Therapist Shortage


Artificial intelligence may influence whether you can get pain medication

Pain Medication AI

Health News

Brain scans pinpoint unique responses to chronic pain, paving way for better treatments

Chronic Pain Brain Scans 2

Adult Health

Chronic pain is more common than diabetes and depression, new study finds

Chronic pain


Ketamine has become an at-home treatment for depression, but some scientists say that set-up is too risky

Ketamine treatment

Women's Health

Hernias are often overlooked as the cause of chronic pelvic pain in women

Hernias women


Listening to music can help ease chronic pain, but controlling the song choice is critical

Music therapy

Adult Health

Many musicians develop overuse injuries, but specialized treatment is becoming more prevalent

Overuse injuries musicians

Adult Health

Most younger Americans would visit a chiropractor over a doctor for neck or back pain, survey shows

Chiropractic care


Can you float yourself to better health? What the science says about sensory deprivation tanks

Flotation tanks

Senior Health

A new app aims to help people better manage arthritis

Arthritis pain stretching

Adult Health

Chronic pain affects one-fifth of American adults — and it's hampering productivity

Chronic pain treatment

Adult Health

Is early physical therapy better for lower back pain? The answer is complicated

Physical Therapy Back Pain

Health Stories

Self-care looks different when you're chronically ill

Adult Health

Once the 'disease of kings,' gout still afflicts millions of people

Everything you need to know about gout


Temple researchers make progress on alternative to opioids for chronic pain treatment

Temple TRPA1


Winter often brings achy joints – but it's unclear why

Woman running in winter weather

Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: Seven gift ideas for loved ones with chronic pain

Monthly Migraine gift guide CBD massage


Sending too many DMs can leave you with 'texting thumb'

Texting Thumb

Alternative Medicine

Pennsylvania medical marijuana sales top $500 million in first two years

Medical PA


Rare fungus found in Tasmania could offer potential opioid alternative, researchers say

Huon Valley


Brain protein could be key to disrupting chronic pain symptoms

Chronic pain

Alternative Medicine

Medicare mulls decision to cover acupuncture for lower back pain

Medicare Coverage Acupuncture

Alternative Medicine

Does CBD work? Science isn't sure, but Philly-area residents say it's helping them

Carroll - Judy Beck, CBD User

Alternative Medicine

Amid shifting attitudes on medical marijuana, baby boomers are big buyers

Carroll - Seniors using Medical Marijuana

Alternative Medicine

Medical marijuana and CBD are taking off: Can it help you?

Carroll - Medical marijuana and CBD products.


Penn Medicine just opened an entire center dedicated to spinal care and back pain

penn medicine spine center

Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: I qualified for the buzzy migraine injection



Life interrupted: Facing chronic illness in your 20s and 30s


Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: Seven things migraine sufferers want you to know

Monthly_Migraine_Article 1


Report: The effects of medical marijuana to treat pain, PTSD are under researched


Medical marijuana: South Jersey facility is largest in state, and growing

Carroll - NJ Marijuana Dispensary

Mindful Mondays

A taller, slimmer, younger you in 21 days? Meet the foam roller


Little known about neurological condition, but one thing's for sure: Life is pain

Carrol - Victim of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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