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If you're poor, fertility treatment can be out of reach

Pregnancy Test Fertility

Women's Health

Stress can cause high blood sugar in women trying to conceive, study finds

Pregnancy stress levels blood sugar

Women's Health

Endometriosis afflicts millions of women, but few people feel comfortable talking about it

Men's Health

Using a cell phone often may impact one's sperm count, study finds

Cell Phones Sperm Count


The ugly side of beauty: Chemicals in cosmetics threaten college-age women’s reproductive health

Cosmetics Chemicals Fertility

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EPA to restrict hazardous 'forever chemicals' in drinking water

Forever Chemicals Water PFAS

Women's Health

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hidden epidemic, experts say

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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COVID-19 vaccines do not have a negative impact on fertility, study finds

Women's Health

Fertility treatment does not increase risk of premature birth, new data suggests

Fertility treatment risks

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The biggest health trends of 2022, from gut health to sound healing

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Pregnant or worried about infertility? Get vaccinated against COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccine Infertility

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COVID-19 could cause male infertility and sexual dysfunction – but vaccines do not

COVID-19 Male Fertility

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Preconception health is a bigger fertility factor than many couples realize, doctors say

Preconception health

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Zinc and folic acid supplements do not improve male fertility

Zinc, folic acid supplementation does not improve male fertility

Women's Health

Fertility testing through online suppliers may confuse users, Penn study says

Fertility testing online confuse consumers

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U.S. birth rate at lowest level in more than 30 years, CDC says

Newborn Baby 06282019

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The low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet may boost fertility for those struggling to conceive

keto diet infertility

Women's Health

This common dietary supplement ingredient has been tied to higher risk of miscarriage

Vinpocetine 06042019

Women's Health

U.S. fertility keeps dropping – but there's no reason to panic

Sonogram 05162019

Men's Health

Men have a ticking biological clock, too

Sperm 05132019

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For many women, tracking their fertility can be an emotional whirlwind


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The boy embryo at center of headline-making IVF swap is stored in Philadelphia


Women's Health

Same-sex couple each carried baby boy thanks to innovative fertility doctors


Children's Health

CHOP and Penn Medicine team up to explore fertility of childhood cancer survivors


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Biorhythms and birth control: FDA stirs debate by approving ‘natural’ app


Men's Health

Eating nuts may improve sperm quantity and vitality


Women's Health

BINTO brings fertility products and knowledge to women's doorsteps



Women fear drug they used to halt puberty led to health problems


Physician explains decision to freeze her eggs



Study: December conceptions result in highest birth rates


Ex-fiance of Sofia Vergara defends lawsuit over frozen embryos

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Infertility breakthrough: Successful womb transplants


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