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Heart Disease

Healthy Eating

Eating avocados is linked to a lower risk of heart disease; here are ways to add the food to your diet

Avocado heart health


Childhood health can predict risk of heart attack, stroke later in life

Making healthy lifestyle changes

Adult Health

Even small amounts of alcohol increase risk of heart disease, research shows

Alcohol Heart Disease

Healthy Eating

Improving your diet can be a challenge; Here are some easy tips to eat healthier

Healthy Breakfast

Women's Health

Mammograms also may help identify heart disease risk, study finds

mammograms heart disease

Health News

Exposure to moderate light during sleep can impact your health, study finds

Sleep Light Exposure

Adult Health

Does being tall affect your health? Research shows it may increase risk of some medical conditions

Height colon cancer


Heart disease is the top killer of U.S. women, but many don't know it

Heart Disease Women

Mental Health

Long-term anxiety may put people at higher risk of heart disease

Anxiety Worry Health

Children's Health

Childhood obesity has spiked during the pandemic and may lead to heart issues

childhood obesity COVID-19


Foods high in added fats and refined carbs are like cigarettes – addictive and unhealthy

Ultra Processed Foods


Jefferson Health creates $3 million initiative to address heart disease in Philly's underserved neighborhoods

Jefferson Health cardiovascular

Healthy Eating

Intermittent fasting may help reduce heart disease, diabetes risk

Time-restricted eating


One-third of Americans are in danger of developing kidney disease, but many don't know the risk factors

Kidney disease risk factors

Healthy Eating

Most Americans are not getting enough dietary fiber — here's how to add it to your diet

High fiber diet


More people need to know the signs of a stroke — especially those at high risk, Philly docs say

Stroke signs


COVID-19 was the third-leading cause of death in 2020, early CDC data shows


Heart disease — the leading cause of death in women

PPI Heartburn

Healthy Eating

A high-fiber diet does a whole lot more than relieve constipation

Fiber health benefits


'Our Community, Our Health' campaign providing free health screenings to Philly's African American residents

Health Screenings IBC

Children's Health

Vitamin D may protect unborn babies from childhood high blood pressure

Adult Health

Long naps may be bad for your heart, study finds

Napping heart disease

Adult Health

Yoga may help lessen symptoms of atrial fibrillation, like lowering high blood pressure, study says

Yoga atrial fibrillation

Women's Health

To address gender disparities in heart failure studies, add more female researchers

Women Heart Failure Research

Adult Health

Dual surgery boosts heart transplant chances for patients with obesity

Obesity heart transplant eligibility

Adult Health

Underlying medical conditions put half of U.S. adults at risk of severe COVID-19

Women's Health

Preterm birth increases mother's heart disease risk, study finds

Preterm delivery and heart disease risk

Adult Health

Metabolic syndrome increasing among millennials at 'alarming' rate

Signs of Metabolic Syndrome


It's time to lower opioid prescription doses in heart surgery patients, Penn researchers say

Opioid use after heart surgery

Adult Health

Americans fear hospital visits amid the COVID-19 crisis. The beach? Not so much

COVID-19 Hospital Fear

Adult Health

Blood pressure spikes during moderate exercise a sign of future health issues

Exercise-induced high blood pressure

Adult Health

Statins can be the difference between life and death – but they remain underused

Women's Health

Women with heart disease need specialized care during pregnancy, AHA says

Cardiovascular disease during pregnancy

Adult Health

A 'motivational' talk with your doctor may reduce your risk of heart disease

Motivational Interviewing by doctors


Medication and lifestyle changes are just as good as bypass surgery at reducing heart attack risk, study finds

Stents and surgery are no better than medication and lifestyle changes at reducing heart attack risk

Adult Health

Heart disease patients at higher risk of severe COVID-19 complications

Coronavirus Heart Health COVID-19

Adult Health

Fish oil supplements may not protect against cancer – as previously believed

Fish oil supplements don't protect against -- may even increase prostate cancer risk

Adult Health

Philly's soda tax having little effect on consumption habits, Drexel study finds

Philly Soda Tax Consumption Study Drexel

Adult Health

Minority patients benefit from having minority doctors, but that's a hard match to make

Minority doctor-patient relationship

Adult Health

U.S. life expectancy increases for first time in four years, CDC report shows

CDC life expectancy rises


Use it or lose it: How physical activity strengthens heart health

Heart benefits of aerobic exercise

Alternative Medicine

Marijuana adversely affects the potency of heart medications, doctors say

Heart medication and marijuana use don't mix, new study says

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