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John Fetterman


John Fetterman will wear a suit to work as U.S. Senate reverses course on dress code

Fetterman Dress Code


More lawmakers, including Cory Booker, are calling for Bob Menendez to resign from the Senate – but he's refusing

Bob Menendez resignation calls


New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez to face 2024 primary challenge following bribery indictment



Federal bill would allow sexual violence survivors to temporarily defer student loan payments

Student Loan Survivors


John Fetterman's casual attire prompts U.S. Senate to drop its dress code

John Fetterman Dress Code


Sen. John Fetterman mocks Republicans for their Joe Biden impeachment inquiry

John Fetterman Impeachment Inquiry

Health Stories

With his depression in remission, Sen. John Fetterman vows to 'champion' mental health care

John Fetterman Time


EPA will invest $14 million in cleaning polluted Pennsylvania brownfields

brownfield sites.jpg


John Fetterman discusses struggle with depression, recovery during 'CBS Sunday Morning' interview

john fetterman interview


John Fetterman plans to return to U.S. Senate in mid-April following treatment for depression

Fetterman Senate return


Gisele Fetterman joined firefighters to put out blaze in East Pittsburgh

Gisele Fetterman Firefighter

Men's Health

John Fetterman's decision to seek help for depression should be a tipping point for other men to do likewise

Fetterman Depression Stigmas


Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman hospitalized with clinical depression

Fetterman hospital depression


U.S. Sen. John Fetterman hospitalized after feeling lightheaded

John Fetterman hospitalized

Odd News

Newly sworn-in Senator John Fetterman gets his own bobblehead

John Fetterman bobblehead


John Fetterman has a cameo in 'The Pale Blue Eye' because his face 'fits the 1830s,' Christian Bale says

John Fetterman Cameo


Did John Fetterman reference 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' during his victory speech?

John Fetterman Always Sunny Philadelphia

2022 Election

John Fetterman beats Mehmet Oz in fiery Pennsylvania race for U.S. Senate

John Fetterman Wins Pennsylvania U.S. Senate

2022 Election

Multiple people involved in the Jan. 6 attack work for Dr. Oz's Senate campaign

2022 Election

Three takeaways from the Fetterman-Oz debate in Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate race

Fetterman Oz Debate Main

2022 Election

How to watch the Fetterman-Oz debate in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race

2022 Election

Mehmet Oz vies for broad Republican appeal in Pennsylvania race for U.S. Senate

Oz Senate Preview Pennsylvania

2022 Election

John Fetterman leans into his unconventional flare in run for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania

John Fetterman Election Preview


'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah defends John Fetterman against critics who say he's unfit for office

Health Stories

John Fetterman continues to recover from stroke as campaign coverage centers on health concerns


Fetterman's I-95 billboards calling Oz a Cowboys fan are the latest barbs in a Senate race that's hit peak absurdity

2022 Election

With Snooki Cameo video, John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz escalate their social media barbs

Senate Race Social Media

2022 Election

McCormick concedes to Oz in Pa. Republican primary for U.S. Senate

2022 Election

John Fetterman wins Pa. Democratic primary for U.S. Senate days after stroke

Fetterman US Senate primary

2022 Election

John Fetterman seeks to build broad Pennsylvania coalition in U.S. Senate bid

Health Stories

John Fetterman's stroke shows the importance of a quick response

2022 Election

Pennsylvania race for open U.S. Senate seat is a focal point for party control in Washington, D.C.

PA senate primary election


Lt. Gov. John Fetterman explains in blog post the significance of tattoos on his forearms

Fetterman Inline Tattoos


Pa. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman will make another bid for U.S. Senate in 2022


Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman mulling U.S. Senate run in 2022

Fetterman Senate 2022


Pennsylvania's second lady films woman's racist attack at Aldi parking lot

Giselle Fetterman Store


Fetterman: Pennsylvania farmers will grow better marijuana than New Jersey's

Fetterman Marijuana PA


Black people are dying of COVID-19 at a disproportionate rate in New Jersey, reflecting national patterns

african americans coronavirus


Pennsylvania woman battling cancer in prison after stealing groceries


Gov. Tom Wolf supports legalizing recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania

Tom Wolf marijuana legalization


Kim Kardashian visits Harrisburg, hangs with Pa. second lady Gisele Fetterman

Kim Kardashian gisele fetterman


Lt. Gov. John Fetterman opens pool at Lieutenant Governor's mansion to public for summer swimming

John Fetterman Lieutenant Governor Pool