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Plant-based meats often lack essential nutrients, and can be high in sugar, study finds

Plant Based Meats


HelloFresh ground beef from July may be contaminated with E. coli, USDA warns

HelloFresh beef E. Coli

Health News

Lone star tick that causes severe red meat allergy multiplies in Northeast U.S.

Red Meat Allergy Tick

Healthy Eating

Start the New Year on a healthy note with these 6 party foods

Healthy New Year's Eve recipes


Philadelphia family sues Montco slaughterhouse after worker dies of COVID-19

meat plant worker lawsuit


Coronavirus crisis forcing Pennsylvania farmers to euthanize chickens

Euthanize chickens pennsylvania farmers

Adult Health

Once the 'disease of kings,' gout still afflicts millions of people

Everything you need to know about gout

Healthy Eating

Should you avoid meat for good health?

Is meat healthy?

Healthy Eating

What's all the beef with red meat? Cardiologists explain

Red Meat guidelines controversy


Butcher Bar transforming patio into Yule Lodge

Butcher Bar debuts Yule Lodge

Healthy Eating

Eating less red meat isn't necessarily healthier, controversial study finds

Red Meat Guidelines

Healthy Eating

The average American still eats too much sugar and red meat

American diet red meat

Healthy Eating

Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease but higher likelihood of stroke

Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease but higher likelihood of stoke

Healthy Eating

Vegan bacon and steak alternatives coming soon from Beyond Meat?

beyond meat bacon steak

Healthy Eating

Is bacon healthy? This is what health experts have to say

is bacon healthy

Healthy Eating

So far cultured meat has been burgers – the next big challenge is animal-free steaks

Beef Steak Meat 07052019

Healthy Eating

Craving a hot dog? Opt for one of these healthier frank alternatives

healthier hot dogs

Healthy Eating

Americans are still eating too much potentially carcinogenic processed meat

processed meat fish consumption

Healthy Eating

Surprising study finds red and white meat to be equally bad for cholesterol

meat cholesterol health

Healthy Eating

Introducing the newest meat-free meat product on the market

beyond meat ground beef livekindly

Health News

Another nationwide ground beef recall hits markets, citing 'extraneous materials'

ground beef recall pexels


New dog food fights climate change by swapping out meat for insects

British company creates sustainable dog food...out of insects

Adult Health

Yes, the 'meat sweats' are a science-backed phenomenon

meat pexels

Healthy Eating

McDonald's antibiotic-reduction effort could change the entire meat industry


Healthy Eating

Whole Foods' 2019 trend report is here and it looks inspiring and delicious



Menacing tick with risk of human meat allergy observed in Pennsylvania



Five tips for healthier grilling and barbecuing this summer

Food Being Cooked on Grill


Tick spreading in United States gives people severe meat allergy


Ask Hickey: The meat eaters vs. vegetarian war rages on!

Carroll - PETA Green Beauties in Center City


Port of Philadelphia getting first U.S. shipment of Brazilian beef in 13 years


Check your freezer: Massive beef recall spreads into New Jersey