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Women who get migraines may have higher risk for pregnancy complications, study shows

Pregnancy Complications Migraine


Migraines explained: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Purchased - Woman suffering from a migraine

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Could certain foods be triggering your migraines? The answer is complicated

Migraine food triggers

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Botox injections are used for more than cosmetic reasons, but they carry some risk

Botox injections safe

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For migraine sufferers, finding an effective treatment can be a headache

Migraine sufferers

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Lesbian, gay and bisexual people may be more prone to migraines

LGB migraine risk


New migraine treatments offer additional relief options

Young woman suffering from migraine

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Self-care looks different when you're chronically ill

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Managing migraines – as the Flyers' Nolan Patrick is learning – can require a 'delicate balancing act'

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FDA approves new migraine drug from Allergan

New migraine drug approved by FDA

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New migraine drug could relieve symptoms within two hours

Biohaven migraine drug

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The Monthly Migraine: Seven gift ideas for loved ones with chronic pain

Monthly Migraine gift guide CBD massage

Mental Health

Potential game-changing migraine medication passes large-scale clinical trial

Migraine drug research


The Monthly Migraine: Disabilities need a bigger role in body acceptance

Body acceptance and disabilities - migraines

Adult Health

What's the difference between a headache and a migraine?

headache or migraine symptoms

Adult Health

The Monthly Migraine: Turning pain into art

The Monthly Migraine: Atrytone play

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Drinking too much coffee may increase the chance of migraines

Coffee Migraines Headache

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The Monthly Migraine: Symptoms we don’t talk about


Adult Health

The Monthly Migraine: How to support a loved one

Get Well Soon Package 07182019

Children's Health

Philly-area father-daughter duo raising funds and awareness for pediatric headaches

faces of migraines lexi dimarino

Adult Health

The Monthly Migraine: The state of migraine medications in 2019

MIgraine Headaches Nausea 05292019

Women's Health

Having migraines might protect you from Type 2 diabetes, study finds

depression pexels

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The Monthly Migraine: Pregnancy with migraines


Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: How migraines changed my relationship with words



5 helpful smartphone apps for migraine sufferers

smartphone unsplash

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The Monthly Migraine: I qualified for the buzzy migraine injection


Alternative Medicine

We tried it: Summit Acupuncture in Old City

Carroll - We Tried It - Summit Acupuncture

Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: Holidays are no gift – so celebrate with care


Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: Making plans takes a toll – headache or not



These glasses could be the long-awaited cure for your tech-induced migraines


Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: Missing a deadline


Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: The ER bill was $1,600, but the pain was worse



Common headache or something more serious?

Woman with a headache at work

Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: My 'migraine' piercing


Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: You never forget your first migraine


Health Stories

The Monthly Migraine: Seven things migraine sufferers want you to know

Monthly_Migraine_Article 1

Health News

New migraine drug: A neurologist explains how it works


Health News

The FDA approves the first drug to prevent migraines



Jefferson clinical trial shows promise for new migraine therapy

Stock_Carroll - Thomas Jefferson Hospital

Women's Health

More women are smoking marijuana during pregnancy, but is it safe?


Infrequently Asked Questions: How does caffeine alleviate a migraine?


Splitting headaches: How to help them now and prevent them in the future


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