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Spotted lanternfly


Former New Jersey councilman called cops on little girl for killing spotted lanternflies

Lanternfly New Jersey Girl


Spotted lanternfly population is shrinking in Southeastern Pa., but it's growing elswhere

Spotted Lanternfly


Pa. ramps up fight against spotted lanternflies as insects begin hatching across region

Spotted lanternfly Pennsylvania

Food & Drink

Di Bruno Bros. will donate proceeds from new wine to spotted lanternfly research

050521 di bruno bros. wine

Spotted lanternfly

Penn State spotted lanternfly study reveals insights on effective use of insecticides

spotted lanterfly penn state

Spotted lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly expert talks predators, 'dumb ones' and how to win this war

Spotted Lanternfly Predators


Dogs could help destroy spotted lanternfly egg masses across Pennsylvania, study says

upenn spotted lanternflies study dogs


Spotted lanternfly sightings up 500% in Pennsylvania, 1000% in parts of New Jersey

spotted lanternfly increase 2020


Swede midge could be Pennsylvania's latest crop-threatening invasive species

Swede midge Pennsylvania


West Philly spotted lanternfly hatch confirmed as Pennsylvania's first of the year

Spotted Lanternfly 2020

Spotted lanternfly

Pennsylvania expands spotted lanternfly quarantine as spring hatch nears

Spotted Lanternfly quarantine

Spotted lanternfly

Report: Spotted lanterfly infestation costs Pennsylvania $50 million a year

Spotted lanternfly costs Pennsylvania


NPR podcast 'Short Wave' talks spotted lanternfly mania and infestation

Spotted lanterfly NPR podcast


Researchers publish first-ever spotted lanternfly genome, built from a Berks County insect

Spotted lanternfly dna genome

Spotted lanternfly

Penn State receives $7.3 million grant for spotted lanternfly research

spotted Lanternfly Cluster


Penn State urges football fans to keep spotted lanternfly out of Happy Valley

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Spotted lanternfly mania has hit more than the trees

1002_spotted lanternfly


USDA scientists import wasps from China to battle the spotted lanternfly invasion

Spotted lanternflies wasps china


Giant swarm of dragonflies spotted on radar over Pennsylvania

Dragonflies radar


Pennsylvania bar creates Spotted Lanternfly Shot to drown our sorrows

Spotted Lanternfly shot


Spotted lanternfly sighting confirmed in Burlington County for the first time

spotted lanternfly fungi


Berks County fungi could help ‘decimate’ spotted lanternflies in Pa., new research says

spotted lanternfly fungi


Pennsylvania may designate tree of heaven 'noxious' to fight spotted lanternfly

spotted lanternfly nymph tree of heaven


Eight Delaware zip codes bordering Pa., N.J. quarantined for lanternfly threat

spotted lanternfly fungi


Pennsylvania will have 150 researchers trying to eradicate the spotted lanternfly in 2019

spotted Lanternfly French Creek