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Heart Attacks

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Former Flyer Chris Pronger recalls suffering erratic heart rhythm after blow to chest during 1998 game

Damar Hamlin Chris Pronger

Health News

Too much coffee can increase risk of heart disease for people with high blood pressure

Excessive coffee drinking doubles risks of heart disease for people with hypertension

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Extreme weather is hard on the heart, but the winter is far more dangerous than the summer

Heart Cold Weather

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Elevated levels of 'good' cholesterol may not protect heart health, study finds

Risk factors for heart disease

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'Heart healthy' dietary supplements won't help lower cholesterol, more research shows

Dietary supplements heart health

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Marital stress may slow your recovery from a heart attack, study finds

Marital distress and heart attack recovery

Healthy Eating

Cutting your daily salt intake by 1 gram can reduce your heart disease risk, research shows

Salt heart disease


A sense of purpose can be hard to find, but it's linked to many health benefits

Sense of purpose


Free heart screenings available in Germantown this weekend

Rumph Heart Screening


Childhood health can predict risk of heart attack, stroke later in life

Making healthy lifestyle changes

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Spikes in standing blood pressure could be a warning sign of a future heart attack for some young adults

Standing blood pressure


Heart disease is the top killer of U.S. women, but many don't know it

Heart Disease Women

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A daily aspirin to protect the heart? That soon may be outdated advice

Adult Health

Heart attack risk nearly doubles for young adult marijuana users, study finds

Marijuana Heart Attack


Irregular blood pressure could be a sign of serious heart issues, study shows


Women's Health

Women often don't receive aggressive care for heart attacks – unlike men

Women Heart Attacks Signs

Women's Health

To address gender disparities in heart failure studies, add more female researchers

Women Heart Failure Research

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Americans fear hospital visits amid the COVID-19 crisis. The beach? Not so much

COVID-19 Hospital Fear

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Statins can be the difference between life and death – but they remain underused

Adult Health

Stressful times are particularly dangerous for heart attack survivors, study finds

Times of stress can trigger a second heart attack, new study finds

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Fish oil supplements may not protect against cancer – as previously believed

Fish oil supplements don't protect against -- may even increase prostate cancer risk

Senior Health

Brokenhearted over the death of a loved one? These heart medications could save your life, scientists say

Grief Broken Heart Health


Use it or lose it: How physical activity strengthens heart health

Heart benefits of aerobic exercise


Have a heart-healthy holiday season

Heart-healthy holidays


Can eating chili peppers improve your cardiovascular health?

Chili peppers reduces risk of death

Adult Health

Two apples a day may keep the heart doctor away

Apples Bad Cholesterol Heart Health

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Cholesterol levels among U.S. adults are improving, but greater strides are needed

Cholesterol levels falling among U.S. adults


E-cigarettes are as dangerous to smokers' hearts as traditional cigarettes – maybe more so

e-cigarettes harm heart more tobacco


Is daylight saving time bad for our health?

daylight saving time health

Women's Health

Menopause before age 50 may increase a woman's risk for cardiovascular disease

Hot flashes menopause

Adult Health

Dog owners may have lower risk of dying from heart attacks, study says

Dogs pets reduce mortality


When tragedy strikes: Preventing sudden cardiac death in student-athletes

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Youth Sports

Women's Health

Hot flashes tied to heart attacks, strokes and cognitive decline, studies find

Hot flashes menopause

Adult Health

Naps may be good for your heart – but only a couple a week

Naps may reduce risk of stroke, heart attacks

Teen Health

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: dispelling the safety myth of e-cigarettes, vaping

Heart art 09042019

Health News

Getting just the right amount of sleep can help prevent heart attacks

Sleep increase heart attack risk

Adult Health

Study: Sex increases chances of survival following a heart attack

sex improves survival


Doctor, is it OK if I use marijuana?

Marijuana Heart Health 06202019

Health Stories

Miracle machine makes heroic rescues – and leaves patients in limbo

ECMO Treatment Flu Patient 06182019

Children's Health

Most youth who suddenly die playing sports are middle schoolers, study finds

Youth Deaths Basketball Sudden Cardiac Arrest


5 common causes of chest pain

Man holding his chest in pain

Women's Health

Heart attacks can happen to young and fit women – as South Jersey mother learned

Heart Attack SCAD

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