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Eye drops brand linked to string of drug-resistant bacterial infections, CDC says

EzriCare Eye Drops

Children's Health

Bacteria in dental waterlines is causing infections in children, the CDC warns

bacteria outbreak in dental office


Newly discovered species of bacteria in the microbiome may be a culprit behind rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis Bacteria

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Clorox recalls 37 million cleaning products due to risk of bacteria exposure

Pine-sol bacteria exposure


The first Lyme disease vaccine in 20 years moves closer to reality


The COVID-19 pandemic reversed progress in combating superbugs

COVID-19 Superbugs MRSA

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Scientists discover biggest bacteria yet – and they can be seen without a microscope

Largest Bacteria Thiomargarita


Pet food hygiene mistakes are common among dog owners, survey finds

Dog Food Study

Men's Health

Prostate cancer linked to bacteria, raising hope of new test and treatment

prostate cancer bacteria


Long nails can be a germ hotspot; here's how to keep them clean

Long fingernails Germs

Children's Health

Breastfeeding may protect babies from antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs'

Health benefits of breastfeeding

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Harmless bacteria are stinking up Philly's tap water, DEP says

Philadelphia Water Bacteria

Children's Health

Strep throat may exacerbate ADHD symptoms, new study finds

Strep and tic disorders


Salmonella outbreak linked to red onions sickens more than 1,000 people

red onion salmonella outbreak


Swimming prohibited at Delaware Water Gap due to high levels of bacteria

Swimming Delaware Water Gap

Mental Health

Will the coronavirus pandemic make you a germaphobe? Probably not, but it may bring new habits

coronavirus germaphobe


How to stop touching your face to minimize spread of coronavirus and other germs

032220 coronavirus touch face.jpg


Enoki mushrooms linked to listeria outbreak that killed New Jersey resident

Mushrooms recall listeria outbreak


New infection control program wipes out MRSA from athletic training rooms

Education, resources key to infection prevention


With E. coli outbreak declared over, it's again safe to eat romaine lettuce from Salinas Valley, CDC says

Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak over Pennsylvania


Here's how to protect your child from meningitis

Meningitis Prevention Vaccines


Why antibiotics don't work for the flu and common cold

Antibiotics influenza cold virus bacteria


Antibiotic-resistant bacteria a deadly threat 'that is not going away,' CDC says

Superbugs CDC infections antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Children's Health

Pennsylvania hospital's donor breast milk process at fault for death of 3 infants

Geisinger Pseudomonas

Children's Health

Three babies die from infections at Pennsylvania hospital

Geisinger Medical Center


Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria from a manicure

Flesh-eating bacteria manicure

Healthy Eating

Explainer: Is it really OK to eat food that's fallen on the floor

Does the five second rule work?


Flesh-eating bacteria are in warm coastal waters – but it doesn't mean you'll get sick

Flesh-eating bacteria

Adult Health

A daily glass of red wine is good for your gut's health, according to wide-ranging study

Red wine gut bacteria study


Why are people still dying of Legionnaires' disease?

Legionnaire's disease shower

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This New Jersey beach has been closed for three days after unsafe bacterial levels

windward beach bacteria


These are some of the infections you can pick up at the gym

Carroll - Weights at a gym

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More than one-third of Jersey Shore beaches were contaminated with fecal bacteria in 2018, report says

New Jersey beaches fecal bacteria

Healthy Eating

A single apple has a whopping 100 million bacteria

Apple Fruit 07242019

Women's Health

Home birth may start babies off with health-promoting microbes

Home Birth 07182019

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What it's like to survive a flesh-eating bacterial infection

flesh eating bacteria survivors


Necrotizing fasciitis: Is it a threat this summer at the Jersey Shore?

new jersey shore flesh-eating bacteria

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Pittsburgh woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria infection contracted in Florida

0703_Vibrio bacteria water


Latest water tests at Wildwood beaches find fecal bacterial levels back within safe range for swimmers

Carroll - Wildwood Beach Lifeguards

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Mexican imported papayas at the root of multi-state salmonella outbreak

papaya salmonella outbreak


Lack of 'good' gut bacteria may be causing increase in food allergies, study suggests

Bacteria gut health food allergies

Adult Health

Kitchen sponges may hold answer to antibiotic resistance

kitchen sponge bacteria

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