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Flesh-eating bacteria are in warm coastal waters – but it doesn't mean you'll get sick

Flesh-eating bacteria


Why are people still dying of Legionnaires' disease?

Legionnaire's disease shower

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This New Jersey beach has been closed for three days after unsafe bacterial levels

windward beach bacteria


These are some of the infections you can pick up at the gym

Carroll - Weights at a gym

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More than one-third of Jersey Shore beaches were contaminated with fecal bacteria in 2018, report says

New Jersey beaches fecal bacteria

Healthy Eating

A single apple has a whopping 100 million bacteria

Apple Fruit 07242019

Women's Health

Home birth may start babies off with health-promoting microbes

Home Birth 07182019

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What it's like to survive a flesh-eating bacterial infection

flesh eating bacteria survivors


Necrotizing fasciitis: Is it a threat this summer at the Jersey Shore?

new jersey shore flesh-eating bacteria

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Pittsburgh woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria infection contracted in Florida

0703_Vibrio bacteria water


Latest water tests at Wildwood beaches find fecal bacterial levels back within safe range for swimmers

Carroll - Wildwood Beach Lifeguards

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Mexican imported papayas at the root of multi-state salmonella outbreak

papaya salmonella outbreak

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Kitchen sponges may hold answer to antibiotic resistance

kitchen sponge bacteria


Lack of 'good' gut bacteria may be causing increase in food allergies, study suggests

Bacteria gut health food allergies


Flesh-eating bacteria infections on the rise at Delaware, New Jersey beaches

Carroll - Beach chair at the Jersey Shore

Healthy Eating

Better testing has led to higher rates of food poisoning

Raw Chicken Food Poisoning

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Gardeners, beware: there's dangerous bacteria lurking in potting soil

potting soil bacteria disease

Alternative Medicine

Experts think we should drop the 'antibacterial' outlook on life

antibacterial hand washing pexels

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Are viruses the best weapon for fighting superbugs?



2 Rutgers students diagnosed with bacterial meningitis

Carroll - Rutgers University-Camden


Strong link emerges between gut bacteria and this chronic disease

gut bacteria lupus unsplash

Healthy Eating

This is what happens if you accidentally eat moldy food



Rethink plastic for your reusable water bottle — study finds them to be bacteria-ridden

plastic water bottle unsplash


Why you may be more at risk for foodborne infections during the holidays



Even a quick power nap with your contacts in can raise risk of serious eye infection, new study finds

eyes pexels

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Wegmans issues multi-state recall on pre-packaged cauliflower items



Despite their 'protective' skin, you should totally be washing avocados

avocado pexels


Why hand dryers are public enemy No. 1 for holiday shoppers

Washing Hands in Sink

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Pennsylvania farmers markets have host of food-safety issues, study finds



New Jersey man dies of rare brain-eating bacteria after trip to Texas

Fabrizio Stabile

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Man in critical condition after contracting flesh-eating bacteria near Jersey Shore


Health Studies

ATMs dispense more than money: The dirt and dope that's on your cash


Jersey Shore

All Jersey Shore beaches now below limit for feces-related bacteria

Carroll - Atlantic City beach

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Beaches throughout Cape May, Atlantic City issued advisory for feces-related bacteria contamination

Carroll - 2018 New Jersey Shore Guide

Health News

These Jersey Shore beaches tested too high for feces-related bacteria

Carroll - Wildwood Beach


Investigation: Is the 'five-second rule' legitimate?

Five second rule


You’ll never blow out birthday candles again after reading this

Birthday Cake Photo


Panera recalling cream cheese after testing positive for fatal bacteria

panera cream cheese recall


This common oral hygiene habit could increase risk for diabetes, study says


Seven Jersey Shore beach closings lifted heading into weekend


Four heart surgery patients at Penn Presbyterian hospital get infections

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center


Algae forces New Jersey officials to issue no fishing ban in reservoir

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