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Mental Health

New TikTok feature aims to give users credible information on mental health

TikTok Mental Health


James Harden takes shots at Daryl Morey with signs at club party

Harden Daryl Morey Club

Social Media

NFL's TikTok became a Taylor Swift fan account after she showed up to watch the Chiefs' Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift Kelce NFL

Social Media

TikTok's new Shop feature lets users buy and sell products directly through the app

tiktok shop

Children's Health

'All we want is revenge': How social media fuels gun violence among teens

Social Media Gun Violence


TikTok-famous 'no bones day' pug to be celebrated at City Winery

Noodle pug City Winery

Mental Health

Reducing social media usage by just 15 minutes a day improves one's well-being, research suggests

Social media Health

Adult Health

People are eating borax to help reduce inflammation — here's why that's dangerous

Borax TikTok

Social Media

Jalen Hurts lookalike — a UPS driver and Cowboys fan — is flying to Philly to meet Eagles quarterback

Jalen Hurts lookalike


TikTok unveils new music streaming service, top songs charts

tiktok music


'Bed rotting' has become trendy, but is it a legitimate self-care method?

Bed Rotting Self-Care Trend


Dietary fads run rampant on social media; here's how to know whether the advice is legitimate

Dietitians Health Social Media

Healthy Eating

Sea moss is being touted as a superfood, but its benefits aren't well-studied

Sea Moss Benefits


TikTok users are drinking tart cherry juice for better sleep. Is it effective?

Tart Cherry Juice Benefits

Children's Health

Social media is a driver of youth mental health crisis, U.S. surgeon general warns

Surgeon General Social Media Youth

Social Media

A TikTok user reimagined the Eagles logo, and fans had strong opinions

eagles logo tiktok


TikTok's 'almond mom' trend calls attention to the dangers of diet culture

Almond Mom TikTok

Children's Health

Teens should be trained on social media before creating accounts, APA says

Social Media Guidelines Teens


Should teens need parental consent to open social media accounts? Some Pennsylvania lawmakers think so

Social Media Parental Consent

Adult Health

Social media is fueling enthusiasm for new weight loss drugs. Are regulators watching?

Weight Loss Ozempic


Villanova community rallies to send former cheerleader battling cancer to Taylor Swift show

villanova raquel doke


'Bel-Air' star shows off singing skills with Usher cover on Jimmy Fallon's 'That's My Jam'

jabari banks bel-air usher cover


Spotify redesigns app with vertical video feed similar to TikTok

spotify app redesign


Win tickets to see the Jonas Brothers on Broadway through TikTok contest

jonas brothers broadway tickets contest

Social Media

What is the 'Bold Glamour' beauty filter going viral on TikTok?

tiktok bold glamour beauty filter

Food & Drink

How to order the Starbucks secret menu item inspired by Taylor Swift's single 'Lavender Haze'

taylor swift lavender haze starbucks secret menu item

Social Media

Philly TikTok creator goes viral for comedic reactions to wacky cooking trends

Tanara Mallory TikTok

Food & Drink

Taylor Chip Cookies, a Lancaster favorite, plans to expand to Philly later this year

Taylor Chip Cookies

Social Media

FOX 29 anchors go viral on TikTok for segment on IPAs

fox 29 alex holley mike jerrick tiktok

Social Media

New Jersey grandfather goes viral on TikTok for 'fit check' and grandchildren's Christmas gifts

gramps tiktok jersey

Social Media

With Twitter's addition of For You tab, it becomes the latest social media platform to mimic rivals

twitter for you tab

Food & Drink

Facing public blitz, Chipotle will add Philly cheesesteak quesadilla 'hack' to menu

Chipotle Philly Cheesesteak Quesadilla


New Jersey joins states that have banned TikTok on government devices

TikTok New Jersey Ban

Social Media

Instagram's new Notes and Candid features are the latest to mimic rival social media platforms

Instagram Candid Notes

Food & Drink

Post photos drinking Pepsi and milk and have a chance to win $1,000

Pepsi Pilk and cookies

Health Stories

Don’t drill your own teeth! And quashing other rotten dental advice on TikTok

Teeth tiktok


Taylor Swift begins to reveal tracklist for upcoming album 'Midnights' with TikTok series

Social Media

Vikings fan had an amusing TikTok meltdown as Eagles dominated on 'Monday Night Football'

Food & Drink

Enjoy a special three-course menu at Cuba Libre in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

Cuba Libre Hispanic Heritage Month special menu


Historical Society set out to make video about ice cream, but went viral for stumbling upon details of murder

Woods Confectionery Historical Society of Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania rap duo finds viral success on TikTok with old school approach

Joey Valence Brae 2

Social Media

The Orbeez Challenge, TikTok's latest trend, has left many young people facing criminal charges

TikTok Orbeez Challenge