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Adult Health

Philly has become more inclusive to people with sensory sensitivities – and is being recognized for its efforts

Philly Sensory Bag

Alternative Medicine

Psychedelics may help people with ADHD, but research remains limited

Children's Health

Young Black males with ADHD are underdiagnosed and undertreated, Penn State study finds

ADHD Racial Disparities

Adult Health

More adults than ever have been seeking ADHD medications – here's what could be driving the trend

Children's Health

Babies born just before full term have a higher risk of ADHD, Rutgers study finds

ADHD early term birth

Mental Health

CHOP develops ADHD diagnostic tool that distinguishes the disorder from related conditions


Health News

Video games may have a role in shaping public health, researchers say

Video Games COVID-19

Children's Health

Most children with ADHD will not outgrow the disorder, new research shows

ADHD remission

Mental Health

Feeling foggy-headed and tired all the time? You may have sluggish cognitive tempo


Adult Health

A video game may hold the key to treating COVID 'brain fog'

EndeavorRX COVID brain fog

Children's Health

Strep throat may exacerbate ADHD symptoms, new study finds

Strep and tic disorders

Mental Health

Suicide risk five times higher among people with ADHD, study finds

ADHD suicide risk


A parent’s guide to understanding ADHD

Children playing in autumn leaves

Children's Health

Antibiotic use before age 2 may lead to health issues later in childhood

Antibiotics Asthma Allergies

Adult Health

Well City Challenge seeks innovative ideas to improve millennial health

Well City Challenge

Children's Health

Gaming now a valid treatment option for children with ADHD

FDA approves first prescription video game

Children's Health

Many doctors aren't addressing safe sex, driver readiness with teens who have a history of ADHD

Health risks among Teens with ADHD

Children's Health

Another reason for pregnant women to get their vitamin D – it may lower the child's risk of developing ADHD

Vitamin D deficiency ADHD association

Children's Health

Exposure to pollution may cause your child to have a smaller brain, study says

Pollution ADHD brain development


Does taking acetaminophen while pregnant increase chances of a child having ADHD and autism?

Pregnant Woman during third trimester

Adult Health

The top 5 millennial health issues – and what to do about them

Millennial Health Issues

Children's Health

Pediatricians stand by meds for ADHD – but some want therapy first

ADHD Medications Therapy AAP


Everything you need to know about ADHD


Children's Health

Teen drivers with ADHD far more likely to crash than peers

Car Crash Teens ADHD

Children's Health

First medical device approved to treat children with ADHD

ADHD medical treatment

Children's Health

ADHD diagnoses rise sharply among Philadelphia-area children

adhd philadelphia kids

Children's Health

Pediatric mental health programming in New Jersey just got a big boost

teens pexels

Health News

Temple professor urges more employers to hire people with autism


Drug Addiction

For mother of adult addict, a life dragged down by drugs

Carroll - Romeo Heroin Addiction


CHOP study shows teens with ADHD are better drivers than we thought


Fidget spinners: learning aid or just the latest distraction in school?



Studies: Taking antidepressants during pregnancy doesn’t increase child’s risk of autism, ADHD

Service Dogs

Service dog finally gets to do his job at Cherry Hill East high school

Carroll - NJ Student brings Service Dog to School

Mental Health

Pa. trying to clamp down on use of psych drugs by children on Medicaid


WATCH: Kentucky school officer sued for allegedly handcuffing students


Health News

Almost half of all Pa. foster kids on anti-anxiety or anti-psychotic meds

Health News

Omega-3 fatty acids may help boys with ADHD improve their concentration

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