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Adult Health

Well City Challenge seeks innovative ideas to improve millennial health

Well City Challenge

Adult Health

Social isolation has many health risks – for women, they include hypertension

Social isolation risks

Children's Health

Vitamin D may protect unborn babies from childhood high blood pressure

Vitamin D Pregnancy Benefits

Women's Health

Women often don't receive aggressive care for heart attacks – unlike men

Women Heart Attacks Signs


Millennial caretakers at greater risk of stress-related conditions, study finds

BCBS caregiving report

Adult Health

Lifetime discrimination may increase hypertension risk among Black people, study finds

Discrimination increases hypertension risk

Adult Health

Metabolic syndrome increasing among millennials at 'alarming' rate

Signs of Metabolic Syndrome

Women's Health

Pre-existing conditions may be causing more high-risk pregnancies

Millennial women experiencing higher pregnancy complication rates

Senior Health

Brain bleeds on the rise in older seniors, but blood thinners may be preventing fatal strokes at earlier ages

Brain bleeds in seniors

Adult Health

Blood pressure spikes during moderate exercise a sign of future health issues

Exercise-induced high blood pressure


Use it or lose it: How physical activity strengthens heart health

Heart benefits of aerobic exercise


How to measure your body mass index – and what it means for your health

Obesity Body Mass Index scores

Adult Health

The top 5 millennial health issues – and what to do about them

Millennial Health Issues

Women's Health

Adverse pregnancy outcomes increase risk of high blood pressure

Pregnancy complications and high blood pressure


Ergonomics 101: How to avoid fatigue with a desk job

Design Desk Eyewear 08222019


A selfie video can measure your blood pressure

Blood Pressure Measurement Smartphone selfie


Hypertension: What it is and how to deal with it

Blood pressure 07292019


Five ways to lower your blood pressure



Study: Smoking weed could lead to fatally high blood pressure

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