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Excessive screen time linked to developmental delays in babies and toddlers, study finds

Baby Screen Time

Children's Health

Number of children hospitalized after ingesting marijuana has spiked in recent years, likely due to edibles


After year of enforced plastic bag ban, Philly residents are starting to use less paper bags, too

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Reports of melatonin ingestion in children have risen significantly in recent years

Melatonin CDC Study


Nearly 30,000 'crime guns' recovered in Philly came from just 21 federally-licensed area dealers

Brady Gun Control Report

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Even half the recommended amount of exercise can help beat depression

Exercise Depression Risk


Alcohol-related deaths increased during first year of COVID-19 pandemic, study finds

Alcohol Related

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Telemedicine can help reduce racial disparity in follow-up appointments, study finds

Telemedicine Study Penn

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COVID-19 vaccines do not have a negative impact on fertility, study finds

Children's Health

Treating peanut allergies early could make kids less sensitive, study finds

Peanut Allergy Study

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COVID-19 may raise the risk of diabetes in adolescents, CDC study says

Children's Health

Babies born during COVID-19 may be developing slower than pre-pandemic infants, study finds

Babies COVID-19 Development


New PGW study maps out scenarios for success in reducing carbon emissions

Gas Works


Adults who sleep less than six hours a night are at higher risk for dementia

Sleep Alzheimer's

Study Findings

Pennsylvania ranks 5th in population but 21st in wealth, study finds

Pennsylvania state wealth ranking


Family of four in Philly now needs $70K just to survive, study finds

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Since the Industrial Revolution, 'normal' body temperature has changed

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Teen suicides increased after Netflix's '13 Reasons Why' premiered, two studies say

'13 Reasons Why' and increase in suicide

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Women are less productive than men in colder temperatures, study finds

Women less productive when cold

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Spend one hour per week lifting weights and reap the heart health benefits


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Scientists have discovered explanation for evolution of our larger brain


Senior Health

Living a long life isn't predetermined in your genes, a new study suggests


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'Broken heart syndrome' is a real thing — and it can quickly turn deadly, according to new study



This common oral hygiene habit could increase risk for diabetes, study says


Study: Suburban living linked to higher rates of obesity

Stock_Carroll - Rowhomes in Queen Village


Study finds greater risk of heart disease among self-proclaimed slower walkers



Emojis are making you look incompetent at work, study says



Study: Wage growth in Philly isn't keeping up with other U.S. metro areas


Study: Dolphins can communicate to solve problems


Autism risk linked to asthma drugs taken during pregnancy: Drexel study


Study finds link between birth month and future health

Healthy Birthday

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Social media use reduces stress: Pew study

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