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Alzheimer's risk increases with rise in this 'hidden' body fat, researchers find

visceral fat alzheimer's

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Former first lady Rosalynn Carter has dementia. What are warning signs of the condition?

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Brain scans pinpoint unique responses to chronic pain, paving way for better treatments

Chronic Pain Brain Scans 2

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Paralyzed man walks using 'digital bridge' between brain and spine

digital bridge walking

Healthy Eating

Can't stop eating junk food? The brain can be trained to prefer healthier options

Healthy Meal Vegan

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Saliva test for concussions, which Penn State researchers helped create, receives U.S. patent

Saliva Concussion Test Penn State

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Even a mild COVID-19 infection can lead to changes in the brain, study finds

Mild COVID brain

Mental Health

Severe depression changes the brains of women and men differently, study finds

Depression brain women

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How rape affects memory, and why police need to know about that brain science

Rape Memory Brain

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Learning a new skill? Taking short breaks could help, research shows

Learning a new skill

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You don't have a male or female brain – the more brains scientists study, the weaker the evidence for sex differences

Brain Sex Differences

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High blood pressure as early as middle age can damage your brain, study finds

High blood pressure can damage the brain

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Deep brain stimulation study could lead to 'landmark' Parkinson's finding

Deep brain stimulation in early stage Parkinson's


The coronavirus sometimes may attack the brain and the lungs

COVID-19 and the brain

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Adult, baby brains mirror each other during play, Princeton study finds

Princeton Babies


Five ways to improve brain power

Man holding lightbulb brain power

Social Media

Will Smith reposts sneaker photo and singlehandedly revives debate about perceived color of shoes

Will Smith viral Vans sneaker

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Brain surgery patient grateful to now live as a 'stereotypical' young adult

Penn Medicine Brain Surgery AVM 2

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Reading and listening to books stimulates the same areas of the brain

Brain Maps Berkeley Reading Books Listening Audiobooks study

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Miracle machine makes heroic rescues – and leaves patients in limbo

ECMO Treatment Flu Patient 06182019

Mental Health

We have a subconscious negative brain response to disfigured faces, Penn study finds

implicit bias disfigured faces

Alternative Medicine

Jefferson and Wills Eye center to focus on connections between neuroscience, vision care

eyeball pexels


Childhood trauma may lead to depression in adults, Penn study finds

depression pexels

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The biology behind night owls' struggle in the 9-to-5 lifestyle

night owl unsplash

Children's Health

Worry over kids' excessive smartphone use is more justified than ever before



Beware the neti pot: Woman died from brain-eating amoeba after using tap water

neti pot flickr


Taste testing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer feels the same to your brain, study found

stock image of beers

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Scientists have discovered explanation for evolution of our larger brain



What is it about yawning?


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Brain stimulation can reduce physical and sexual assaults – study



New Jersey lawmaker seeks ban on tackle football for kids under 12

Football Stock


Canola oil may worsen Alzheimer's disease, Temple researchers say


CHOP finds brain remaps in child who received double hand transplant



Penn experiments discover brain region key to driving behavioral change


Findings differ on relationship between drinking and dementia


Study: Strokes declining in men, but not in women


CHOP looks to brain scans for breakthrough in early detection of autism



Einstein's brain: Slices of genius at Philadelphia's Mütter Museum


Will this story go viral? Penn researchers use MRIs to show you know the answer


Drexel researchers devise headband to measure social brain activity


For Leslie Gudel, daughter's stroke was challenging in many ways



Here's the most complex, detailed depiction of the brain in the world


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