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Food Safety

Healthy Eating

Food expiration dates don't have much science behind them


Pet food hygiene mistakes are common among dog owners, survey finds

Dog Food Study


Avoid foodborne illness with these storage tips

Food storage in the fridge

Healthy Eating

FDA allows food manufacturers to swap ingredients without editing labels

FDA ingredient regulations ease


What consumers need to know about food safety and recalls

Grocery Store Aisle Blur

Healthy Eating

If you wash or rinse raw poultry, the USDA has an important warning for you

Raw Chicken Poultry 08202019

Health News

Frito-Lay issues voluntary allergy alert on barbecue chips

Lays Chip Recall Milk 06172019

Health News

FDA tests show substantial levels of PFAS chemicals in some foods

Chocolate Cake 06032019

Children's Health

Why kids with eczema are more likely to develop a food allergy

childhood eczema food allergy

Mental Health

Mental health support may be beneficial to food allergy sufferers

mental healths support food allergies


Food safety: Be on the lookout for these red flags when eating out

restaurant food safety red flags


Celiac sufferers, you may want to steer clear of 'gluten-free' restaurant pizza and pasta

Pizza Pepperoni 04192019


What is listeria and do I need to be worried about it?

what is listeria

Children's Health

These are the pediatrician-backed tips for preventing food allergies in children

children food allergy prevention


Is pre-washed lettuce actually safe to eat?

pre-washed salad safety


Here's how long common foods last before spoiling

Food stored in the refrigerator

Health News

Gold Medal flour hit by FDA recall for salmonella risk


Health News

Perdue chicken nuggets hit by USDA recall


Food Safety

Pennsylvania has the fourth-most certified organic farms in the country



FYI, the government shutdown-related problems span to food inspections, too

grocery store

Health News

Sausage hit by recall was shipped to Pennsylvania



After boy dies from breathing fish fumes, Penn Medicine doctor has advice about food allergies

fish pexels

Health News

New rules govern how modified food will be labeled



Food safety violations unearthed at Citizens Bank Park, the Linc and Wells Fargo Center

citizens bank park food

Health News

Google data might be able to pinpoint where you got food poisoning


Health News

Pennsylvania farmers markets have host of food-safety issues, study finds



LaCroix being sued for allegedly using a cockroach insecticide ingredient


Odd News

Domino's: Philly location temporarily closed for 'reimaging,' not poop-related accusations

Domino's Pizza

Food Safety

Some vegetable trays are making people sick and the number is going up

Food Vegetables Flickr


Investigation: Is the 'five-second rule' legitimate?

Five second rule

Food Safety

Millions of eggs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey recalled for possible contamination


Drexel University part of group launching innovative plasma research center

The Drexel Dragon on Drexel University's campus in Philadelphia.


Prevent food poisoning with these five food safety guidelines

Butter being poured into bowl


Wawa questions N.J. man's video claiming maggots in chicken cheesesteak

Health Studies

Hey Philly, your home kitchen probably fails a health inspection

Food Safety

Gloucester joins Camden and Burlington counties with food inspection reports online


Chipotle to temporarily close nationwide on Feb. 8 for food safety meeting

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